Why are they Hazardous?

Parabens are a group of synthetic chemicals widely used as preservatives in foods, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals, due to their biocidal properties. They are commonly found as methyl- or ethyl-paraben.

These chemicals mimic the naturally occurring hormone – estrogen. This fact causes concern among many scientists that long-term exposure to them may play a role in the development of breast cancer, as well as negatively affect the functionality of the male hormonal and reproductive systems.

Man Shaving with Parabens Containing Foam

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Where Can they be Found?

• Deodorants

• Shampoos

• Moisturizers

• Shaving gels & creams

• Processed foods

• Personal lubricants

• Ointments

• Toothpaste

• Skin creams

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Girl eating hotdog with Parabens


• Parabens were found in samples of breast tumors.

• Although these chemicals are very widely used, paraben-free alternatives are readily found, though alternatives may be pricier due to the low cost of using hazardous preservatives.

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