Why is it Hazardous?

Cadmium is a toxic and cancer-causing heavy metal (a known carcinogen) that accumulates in your body and throughout the environment. It is industrially used in pigments, as a coating for steel and copper, as an additive in plastics, in batteries and in solar panels.

Faucet with Cadmium Coating

Exposure to these metal may cause mild flu-like symptoms (a.k.a., "the cadmium chills") that can increase in severity to include respiratory, liver and kidney problems, which may be irreversible and fatal. Skeletal symptoms may include bone softening and lose of mineral density resulting in increased risk of fractures.

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Where Can it be Found?

• Colors & pigments (especially red, orange and yellow)

• Metallic coatings of fixtures and accessories

• Plastics (PVC)

• Cigarettes

• Meat (especially liver and kidneys)

• Ni-Cd batteries

• Fertilizers

• Silver solder in electronics

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Cigarette with Cadmium


• Cigarettes usually contain lower doses of cadmium than found those found in foods, but since the lungs are more efficient at absorbing the toxin into the body than the stomach, cigarettes have a higher risk factor.

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